Who We Are:

Libbie House,Inc. operates a Transitional Sober Living Home in the West End of Richmond, Virginia.       Our house provides a safe supportive environment for individuals who suffer from drug and alcohol addictions, and who have found their current home environment not conducive to beginning and/or maintaining a sober lifestyle. The House is for Men Only.
We ask for a minimum commitment of 60 days of residency in our homes.

We are not affiliated with the Oxford houses, nor do we practice an Oxford House Model.

Our Requirements:

We require all our residents to be employed, actively seeking employment or enrolled in school and committed to a program of recovery. 

Our residents are required to attend a minimum of four 12 Step meetings a week, as well as a house meeting  in which we hold our own 12 Step meeting and address any concerns of the residents currently living in our house.

We do not require residents to have completed any type of inpatient residential treatment center, or have any kind of familiarity with 12 Step fellowships, however we do require all residents to be fully detoxed upon arrival to our house.


We accept anybody with a self admitted drug and or alcohol problem. We strive to create a welcoming environment for all residents regardless of age, race, religion, political affiliation, sexual orientation, or disability status.

That being said, we are all adults here, and we do require our residents to be able to manage whatever physical, emotional, and or psychological issues they may have without significant help from other persons in the house.


Upon discovery of a resident relapse (returns to drinking or using substances), he/she is required to vacate the premises within 15 minutes. The sobriety deposit of $250.00 is forfeited.  A time can be arranged, when the person is sober, to pick up their belongings. This is done to protect other residents in the house.               This policy is non-negotiable. 

What about Medication:

We do not accept anyone who is on a Methadone maintenance program, or Suboxone regimen, this is for the safety and security of our residents, we do accept anyone with opiate problems, but we do require them to be fully clean from opioids.

All other prescription medications are allowed provided they are not benzodiazapines or narcotics.


We do not manage medication for our residents, they are expected to be able to manage their own medication regimens whatever they may be.

Housekeeping and Chores:

We try to maintain a clean house as much as possible, however there is no maid here. Residents are expected to keep their living areas neat and pick up after themselves, this means you are responsible for your dishes, you are responsible for making your bed every morning, and must keep your room and your things tidy.

We also require each resident to complete an assigned housekeeping chore at least once a week to keep the communal living areas clean.

If you don't you may be fined $10 - $25 dollars per infraction. If any resident habitually neglects their chore their fines will increase and he/she may be subject to eviction.
What can I bring?

You are allowed to bring most anything you'd have at home, but please remember space is at a premium here. We want you to feel comfortable here and try to accommodate all residents equally.

What if I have a car?

You are absolutely permitted to bring and use your vehicle here as you please, bikes, and motorized scooters are permitted as well.

What about my mobile phone?

All residents are permitted to bring and use as they please their mobile phones.

What about Computers?

Yes, but remember space is at a premium we strongly discourage residents to bring desktop computers due to space limitations. Laptops are absolutely okay.

Can I bring my own television?

Not in your room, like we said before space is at a premium, Also we would prefer if residents did not isolate in their rooms as isolation can be dangerous in recovery.

What about food?

The house has two refrigerators and each resident is assigned pantry space in the house. Dishes, cutlery, cookware and bakeware are also provided. One thing to remember though is that each resident does not have all that much space to store their food, residents may bring their own (small) refrigerators, to keep in their rooms, if food storage is insufficient.

What if I don't have a car?

 Residents use Uber and rides with roommates to get around.

What If I don't have a phone?

We do have a house phone that anyone may use free of charge.

What if I don't have a computer?

A public library is minutes away from the house offering computers with internet access. If you don't have a computer there's usually someone willing to let you borrow theirs, but we make no guarantees.

What about gaming consoles?

You are permitted to bring gaming consoles.
Please note that while we allow residents to bring personal property, we are not in any way liable should their property or anything else goes missing.
Anyone found to be stealing anyone else's property will be evicted from the house, and charges may be filed.

The Westbourne House

6006 Westbourne Drive Richmond VA 23230

What about amenities, what does my rent include?

-Wireless high speed internet access

-Heating and Cooling costs

-Water, Electricity and Utility costs

-FIOS digital cable
and Comcast

How much is my rent?

Call for 2020 Rates

Are there any additional fees I should know about?
Yes. Each resident is required to pay a $250.00 sobriety deposit upon moving in. This sobriety deposit is
returned to you should you wish to leave, residents are requested to give 2 weeks notice upon moving out.

So How do I get in contact with you all?
The house is privately operated by a recovering person who has over 30 years of sobriety. For more information and to check if there is an opening Call 804-334-9112.

Alternatively, You can e-mail us for more information at [email protected]