I moved into the Libbie House on June 28th, 2010 directly from my 2nd stint in rehab where I was being treated for alcoholism.  My addiction progressed to where I was completely powerless against alcohol.  What began as recreational weekend drinking during college and in my 20's evolved into an uncontrollable obsession and daily (often hourly) dependency on the substance by the time I was in my late 30's.  In the end I had no will power left to save me, and I had become my own worst enemy.    


After suffering a near fatal relapse including excruciating delirium tremens I realized one thing - that I could no longer trust myself and overcome this disease alone.  In the last few days of my 2nd stay in rehab I accepted the hard fact that I needed around the clock accountability and supervision.  And so I made the difficult but necessary decision not to move back in with my wife and child and risk the likelihood of another relapse, but to move into a sober-living home.


Initially I was terrified at the prospect of living in a house full of strange men who had a variety of substance abuse problems.  Not to mention following someone else's "rule system" and answering to other people.  But the truth is there was no other way for me to safely recover.  This was my only option to re-enter the world as a newly sober alcoholic and face all of what I had to face in order to get well.   


I spent nearly one year in the Libbie House and this alcoholic needed every bit of it.  It not only saved my life but it changed my way of thinking and strangely enough helped restore me to sanity.  Out of necessity I learned the value of honesty and humility, and how to be calm and compassionate in tough situations.  And somewhere amidst it all, with the aid of sponsorship, attending AA meetings and working the steps, this former agnostic came to believe in a Power much greater than myself ... a loving God of my own understanding.      

And as it is now and will be forever "but for the grace of God, there go I."  


Rodney W.    

I would like to share that I had an excellent experience during my 7 month stay at  Libbie House in Richmond, VA.  From the bottom of my heart, it was a critical component in my early sobriety.  The philosophy, structure, and care that they have established at the Libbie House made a very difficult time in my life much easier for adjustment.  I truly believe that Libbie House, combined with AA and my spirituality, was a foundation to why I'm sober today.

Thank you!

Bruce K.

Living in the Libbie House quite literally saved my life. I moved into the house unsure of myself and my direction in life and the house and the environment it provided taught me how to use recovery to better my life and my health. It provided a safe environment for me, one where I found support, love and care, at a time in my life when I desperately needed all of that to succeed. I would recommend the Libbie House for any member of recovery, both young and old, new and experienced.

Josh H.